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A handsome medicine-hat paint, with extensive experience in roping, trail, and Western Pleasure
This 1999 sorrel minimal tobiano gelding has the style and conformation that would bring you the blue ribbon in the show ring, or to the pay circle in heading or healing.



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This is Playboy, a May 1999 minimal sorrel medicine-hat tobiano Paint gelding. Standing just over 15hh, with a stout build and square conformation, he is the ideal roping or trail mount.  I purchased him on June 11, 2016 with the intent to have him as a companion for Doc.  Playboy is as gentle as he is handsome, and was the perfect gentleman when being hauled, bathed, and when my farrier came and trimmed his feet.  His previous owners had too many horses, and decided to cut back, and Playboy was the one they decided to sell. I feel very fortunate to have come across him, and was able to purchase him.  At $900, he was a steal.






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Last Updated 12/27/2016